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Happy Halloween from #FangirlRenee

Hope everyone had a great Halloween! 🎃👻 I wasn't going to dress up, but I last minute decided to participate in this holiday😅 & by last minute I mean I literally threw this outfit together in 20 minutes. Shoutout to... Continue Reading →


a decade of missed memories.

Sunday, October 29, 2006, 11:21 a.m. I was in the kitchen, opening a Snickers bar when mom’s loud cries filled the house. Before my partially opened candy bar had time to reach the table, I was by my mom’s side... Continue Reading →

Jacob Davis @ Rome, GA July 4th

Fourth of July: a holiday to celebrate our independence. What's a more perfect way to celebrate our freedom than with family, BBQ, and country music? Jacob Davis played two sets at Rome's 4th of July Festival: one 1.5 hour and... Continue Reading →

Bug & Renee Take Nash – CMA Fest Style

We may have woken up at 3:20 am, but every yawn was worth it to conquer Nashville for a day. Jacob Davis announced a little over a month ago that he was throwing a private squad party to thank the... Continue Reading →

“Cocky Country”

"Cocky Country" has a new day, time & co-hosts! I'm super excited for this semester!! This week we asked the question "what country song has had the most impact on you?" Be sure to tune in Tuesday night from 5-7... Continue Reading →

Never Give Up

Life for me has been far from easy. I’ve had one struggle after the next, but I refuse to let those struggles define me negatively. Instead I take those struggles and learn from them. I had a normal, fun childhood.... Continue Reading →

Remembering the Man that Taught Me Everything

Growing up we were always asked to pick a hero and my response was always the same - my daddy. Little did I know then that in my teenage years my daddy would show me how much of a hero... Continue Reading →

My Talladega Experience

I can't even put into words on how much fun I had this past weekend working at Talladega! So many people asked me how I found this job and thankfully my program director at the radio station heard I wanted... Continue Reading →

“Chasing Life”

Has anyone seen the ABC Family show “Chasing Life?” Every time I watch it I get this wave of inspiration flowing through my veins. It makes me truly stop and wonder about what I would do if I were told... Continue Reading →

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