Last Monday The Chanticleer was contacted by someone at CMT asking if they’d be interested in interviewing Jacksonville native country singer and reality TV star, Riley Green. Since this type of thing is right up Bug & mine’s alley we decided to jump on the offer and double team it for “Cocky Country.”

Tuesday, March 29th, we met up with Riley in the quad on campus here at JSU. We asked him our famous this or that questions, background questions, music questions, and “Redneck Island” questions.

One thing that I absolutely loved hearing was that Peachtree Entertainment is starting a new 4-Wheel Drive type thing with Riley, Murphy Elmore, and Charlie Muncaster called 65 South. I will definitely be on the lookout for one of those shows (& you should too!).

To hear the whole interview click the link below 🙂

Congrats Riley on winning “Redneck Island” season 5!

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