All I ever do lately is talk about this guy’s music so he deserves an artist feature 🙂

I found Scott’s music, like I find most new artists, by clicking on random iTunes radio stations. Once I heard “Call Me When You’re Drunk,” I was hooked. It is seriously one of the most catchy songs I’ve ever heard.

Immediately after hearing “Call Me When You’re Drunk” I searched him on iTunes and found his self-titled EP, Scott Stevens. All six songs are amazing, but I have three that are hands down my faves.

1–Track #2 “Hands On” – this songs gets classified in my “firey” folder. Y’all know I love me a good firey song and this one is extra firey 🙂

2–Track #3 “Bad Ideas” – this song is a life anthem song. It’s that song that makes everything you do in life perfectly okay because you are having fun. It has a line in it that goes “here’s to bad ideas that make good memories,” AND that sums up life.

3–Track #6 “Call Me When You’re Drunk” – this song is THE JAM. Lately all I do is walk around and sing this song….regardless of where I am at (it happens). We play this song ALL the time on “Cocky Country.” It is def a CC fave!

If you haven’t checked out this EP yet, I highly suggest you do. It’s the best $5.94 (+tax) you will ever spend! I have a feeling so many great things are in Scott’s future!

Keep your eyes peeled on all his social medias for show and music updates. We are (not so) patiently waiting for some Bama dates to pop up so we can jam. Judging by fan videos and pictures I can tell Scott’s shows are right down my alley — fun and amazing!

Stay up-to-date with all things Scott: Twitter- @ImScottStevens; Facebook- /scottstevensmusic/; Instagram- @scottstevensmusic; Website; iTunes – Scott Stevens EP; and Youtube- /scottstevensmusic