Be prepared to join my jam session because these songs will get you moving! 🙂

  1. “I Bet You Won’t” by Jacob Davis
  2. “Lights Go Down” by Cole Taylor
  3. “Whisper” by Chase Rice
  4. “Call Me When You’re Drunk” by Scott Stevens
  5. “Pillowtalk” by Zayn
  6. “Pillowtalk Remix” by Zayn & Lil Wayne
  7. “Pillowtalk Rendition” by SoMo
  8. “Learned It From the Radio” by Thomas Rhett
  9. “Back to Sleep” by Chris Brown
  10. “Nothin’ On Us” by Corey Crowder
  11. “People Watching” by Cale Dodds
  12. “High School Moves” by Ricky Young
  13. “Hurricane” by Luke Combs
  14. “Thunder” by Adam Sanders

So many fun songs (: & yes I had to mention alllll the “Pillowtalk” ones because holy macaroni (: