Y’all know Chase is my all time fave artist ever so to say last night was amazing is putting things lightly.


I love Chase, but I had already purchased tickets to see him in Birmingham so I wasn’t planning on seeing him twice. UNTIL it was announced that Cole would be opening for him. & y’all know I couldn’t turn down seeing my two faves in one night.

Due to technical problems Cole’s band was unable to perform with him so he went acoustic. I always say you can see true talent when you see an artist sing with just them & their guitar. Well let me tell you Cole can SINGGG.

He sang two new songs, “Back in the Game” and “Girl from a Little Town,” a song from his Cole Taylor EP, “See You Around,” and three covers (two of which he wrote) “Strawberry Wine,” “Home Alone Tonight,” and “Sippin’ On Fire.”

I was one of the few in the crowd who knew all the words to “See You Around,” but I’m definitely sure Cole walked away with SEVERAL new fans last night!

Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to say hey to Cole again, but trust me this won’t be the last time I see him!


I would have been perfectly happy with Cole Taylor continuing to play instead of TC3 to take the stage. They just weren’t my cup of tea.

I did enjoy two of their songs they did “Runnin’ Red Lights” and “The South.”


This is my 9th time seeing Chase & I know I say this every time, but his show production gets better & better each time.

There is nothing better than hearing the crowd sing along to every single one of Chase’s songs. For me I still remember when barely anyone knew the words to his songs & now they know them all! So shoutout to everyone who sang loudly around me & gave me the opportunity to sing loud as well! 🙂

He started his set out with “How She Rolls.”

His third song was one of my faves from his latest album, Ignite the Night, “50 Shades of Crazy.”

Can’t leave out the amazingness of “U Turn.”

I’ve always loved Classic Rock music, but every since I started working at WLJS it has started to grow on me more & more. So when Chase broke out with some “Pour Some Sugar on Me” I got happy!

I will forever get chills when Chase sings “Carolina Can.” He’s so passionate about where he came from & his journey ❤ He also said he wants this to be a single one day, but his next single will come from his new album he is working on. So this song will sit on the back burner for a little bit, but hopefully not be forgotten!!

Next up Chase played his current single & ITS SITTING AT #5 RIGHT NOW GUYS! Enjoy “Gonna Wanna Tonight” & request this song guys so Chase can have his first #1 song as an artist!


I also get chills when I hear “Jack Daniels & Jesus” live. That song touches me in so many ways. In my darkest days I can always trust this song will pull me out of whatever I’m struggling with. Forever thankful for this song ❤

AND THEN HE BROKE OUT IN RIDE AND THE CROWD WENT CRAZY. Just listen for yourself… once he sang the first words everyone screeches. The screams around me were coming from minors & it was kinda awks…  BUT I love this song & I love Chase singing it. Enjoy…

Next Chase brought out Jaren from TC3 & they did an acoustic writers round that was HILARIOUS. Chase gave the crowd several different versions of ways to play/sing “Cruise.” & Jaren gave us samples of #1 songs he has written, “Sunshine & Whiskey,” “Meanwhile Back at Mama’s,” & “White Lightning.”

After this Chase brought out the rest of TC3 & Cole Taylor and they all sang “Cruise.”

Loveeeeeee seeing these two share the stage!

Chase Rice & Cole Taylor singing Chase's first #1 song, "Cruise."
Chase Rice & Cole Taylor singing Chase’s first #1 song, “Cruise.”

Last, but certainly not least is the song that has been so fun for me to watch grow, “Ready Set Roll.”

Since it’s like impossible to win m&g’s for Chase I broke down and bought the VIP package. If you are on the fence on buying it I’m highly suggesting you get it. It was worth every penny!


Me, Chase & Erica :)
Me, Chase & Erica 🙂

Thank you Chase for an amazing experience! See you again in Birmingham 🙂