Jon Langston released his EP, “Showtime,” Tuesday, May 5th. Let’s just say I’m in love with his deep, raspy voice.

‘Til Sunrise – I file this song under the firey category and y’all know those are my faves. “Wish I could hit rewind on a night like this in the heart of the summertime. That kiss from your lips keep em coming baby don’t stop, don’t quit.” “We dreamed about forever but tonight we only got til sunrise”

Love While It Lasted – The heartbreak song of the album. Every good country album has one and this song is amazingly done. “Never thought that goodnight kiss would be the last I’d ever get.” “Now every time I pass that ‘Welcome to Georgia’ sign I’m right back to the backseat, sunset smile.”

Showtime – I file this song under my fun, party, driving around song. “Baby, tonight it’s showtime” “baby, your smile’s gonna hit the spot” “got a backstage pass to this old town”

Hammer Down – loveeeee this song. New anthem for sure. “I’m one of them people that lay the hammer down, that don’t play around I’m burning this town down around dark thirty with the hammer down.” “I can love you like you’ve never been loved before. Show you the man he didn’t know you were looking for.” “Nothing but adrenaline running through my blood, dripping through my veins that’s why I do everything with the hammer down.”

Where Heartache Hangs Around – Gah this song… that chorus is powerful. “I’m the same old fool that keeps coming here, thinking you’ll just disappear.” “Cause the only good time in this town is the same place where heartache hangs around.”

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