If you were a ticket holder to Sunday’s GEICO 500 race, then Saturday you were treated to an infield concert featuring Chase Rice!

I’ve seen Chase several times (as y’all know) so I’m not going to post a gazillion pictures and videos like I normally do (I was really sick so I didn’t take many). Instead I’m going to share with y’all some different things that happened at this show!

Since he was in Talladega why not cover Eric Church’s song “Talldega.” He admitted he didn’t know the words, but he still gave it his best shot and the crowd loved it! *ignore me flipping my phone during– I was out of it half the show, sorry!*

Also this part was hilarious! The girl he pulled on stage to sing “Ride” to was having herself a good ole time and Chase’s reaction was priceless!

Yep, only in Dega!

Be sure to catch Chase out on the “Big Revival Tour” with Kenny Chesney all summer long!

*side note — I have no idea why these videos uploaded to a new YouTube account instead of the one I normally use..*