Has anyone seen the ABC Family show “Chasing Life?” Every time I watch it I get this wave of inspiration flowing through my veins. It makes me truly stop and wonder about what I would do if I were told I had a life threatening disease. Would I stop and fight or would I stop and live?

No one wants to stop and think about these things, but so many people are faced with this decision every minute of the day.

“Chasing Life” follows a young, ambitious journalist, April, who by going to donate blood finds out that she has cancer. The show perfectly portrays her struggle and journey of trying to balance being young and her disease. I believe everyone should watch this show because April’s strength, spirit, and attitude are something everyone can learn from.

So what would you do in her situation? I honestly can’t answer this question. Having watched the most important person in my life go through cancer I got to witness him live life to the fullest and enjoy every moment God had left for him on this earth. That is all you really can do.

Always remember to live life to the fullest because unfortunately at the drop of a dime you could be the one getting that gut wrenching phone call that will change your life forever. So go out and chase life and enjoy every second thrown your way.