Does anyone have the Timehop app? I think it is one of the most amazing apps created. It reminds you of so many events from past years, that if you’re like me you have completely forgot about. Something popped up today that just made me stop and realize how much my life has changed over this last year alone.

Last year around this time I was struggling with my major unsure on what I really wanted to do. I was a lost Biology/Pre-Med major. Timehop brought back some of my soul searching tweets asking for advice on what new major I should choose. To think I considered economics just to get out of biology makes me legit lol.

Thank goodness I chose Communication/PR because as I keep saying over and over I am the happiest I have been since arriving to JSU.

So if you’re lost, scared out of your mind about your major and college just know deep down you know what is truly best for you so just follow your heart. It’s the best thing you can do đŸ™‚