It’s amazing how life can turn around right as you start to lose all hope. Through the acts of complete randomness my life was instantly brightened.

Last week I was approached by one of my professors with a potential job opportunity with our school radio station. If I pass the final trial assessment I will be getting businesses to allow us to advertise them. I will also be writing and recording advertisements for them. So maybe one day you’ll hear my voice on the radio after all 🙂 This opportunity means the world to me because radio and music is such a big part of my life so this will be an amazing experience if all works out! Even if it doesn’t work out I’ve had so much fun just getting to do my first assignment. It has given me this new confidence that I CAN make it in this business if I put my mind to it.

On the same day I was interviewed for the job I decided I would run for one of the positions available in our PRSSA chapter. Even if I don’t get the position the fact that I took the initiative to step up and say this is what we need done and this is how I would like to help says a lot. I’m finally letting my voice be heard and people are finally starting to listen.

It’s amazing to see the personal growth I have accomplished since arriving at JSU. If you would have told me four years ago I’d be the person I am today I would have laughed at you. I can now talk to a complete stranger without having the urge to cry. I can now go to a restaurant and sit down to have lunch by myself. I can now go grocery shopping or to a store by myself and feel comfortable. I can make friends and not just be the girl by association. It’s amazing what a few years of exploring life and learning can do to you.

So never give up – there’s always sunshine after stormy days. 🙂