It’s been a few months since I’ve written an EP review, but once I heard Cole Taylor’s self-titled EP I knew I wanted to write a post and share this wonderfulness with y’all!


The five song EP was released on Tuesday, March 3rd, and I’ve had it playing every second I can.

I first heard about Cole Taylor back when Chase Rice released his “Ready Set Roll” EP in October 2013. Cole co-wrote Chase’s “Look At My Truck” and y’all know how much I love that song. I have to admit though (and I’m kicking myself now) I didn’t look more into Cole’s own music. Better late than never rightttt πŸ™‚

Cole’s EP is a breath of fresh air to me because it’s not the same sound that’s currently being recycled over and over again in Nashville. I believe every song can hold it’s own on country radio against the big names.

Anytime I get new music I take it to my mom because I know she’ll give me an honest opinion. As soon as she heard Cole’s voice she said “wow you can tell he’s from the country.” πŸ™‚ aka we’re suckers for some country accents Β πŸ™‚ She also said it was “clean” and y’all that know me know I put her through the ringer with music genres πŸ™‚ SO this ep got the mama stamp of approval- which is hard to get with music.

“Break That Lonely” tells the story of a guy helping a girl through a breakup and getting her to see he is the right guy for her instead. My favorite line is “baby help me help you start again.”

“More Than Just a Night” unlike most popular songs you hear now this song is about finding your forever love, not just a one night love. THANK GOODNESS // “I ain’t just some other slick line for a slow kiss, good night, wake up, good bye.”

“Drop Top” is such a fun song about as the title alludes going for a ride in a drop top, specifically a Chevy Camaro πŸ™‚ — my dreammmm car! I love lyrics mentioning the southern staple of sweet tea so I might kinda love the line “sippin on sweet tea // free as we’ll ever be.” Another lyric that caught my attention was “got my heart running like it’s under the hood.” Like holy moly genius.

“See You Around” is the ‘breakup song’ on the EP. Every good country album has one and this one is amazingly written. So many good lyrics in this song like “this little map dot ain’t big enough for two hearts to be broke like this” and “I don’t know how long til I’m okay. It’s gonna take some time for this flame to finally burn out. Cuz I know that I’m gonna see you around.”

“Boom” is my FAVORITEEEE. I don’t think I can say love enough for how much I love this song. It’s so fun! // “drop the bass down low, rattle them windows” // “baby you the gasoline and I’m the match you need to go boom, boom, boom” // “baby you’re my dynamite” — just a few of my fave lines (since putting all the lyrics on here is a little extreme). I think this one has the potential to be a number one single – hint, hint πŸ™‚

With all this being said I think Cole is a lyrical genius. This EP is so well written and holds a lot of future hits. So be on the look out for the name Cole Taylor to leave his mark on the country music industry πŸ™‚

If Cole is ever in your area be sure to check him out. I know I’m on the lookout for him to have a show near me – another hint, hint πŸ™‚

Be sure to keep up-to-date with all things Cole by liking his Facebook page: /ColeTaylor.Music; following him on twitter: @coletaylorlive; instagram: @coletaylormusic; and be sure to check out iTunes and get his self-titled EP (THAT REACHED TOP FIVE ITS DEBUT DAY) πŸ™‚ it’s the best five bucks you’ll spend- promise!