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March 2015

“Chasing Life”

Has anyone seen the ABC Family show “Chasing Life?” Every time I watch it I get this wave of inspiration flowing through my veins. It makes me truly stop and wonder about what I would do if I were told... Continue Reading →


Follow Your Heart

Does anyone have the Timehop app? I think it is one of the most amazing apps created. It reminds you of so many events from past years, that if you're like me you have completely forgot about. Something popped up... Continue Reading →

New Opportunities

It's amazing how life can turn around right as you start to lose all hope. Through the acts of complete randomness my life was instantly brightened. Last week I was approached by one of my professors with a potential job... Continue Reading →

Sunny Day Playlist

Today's weather has got my mind as far away from my homework as possible so my procrastination is back at it. If you need some "windows down jamming" music check out these tunes: "Drop Top" - Cole Taylor "Dibs" -... Continue Reading →

Cole Taylor

It's been a few months since I've written an EP review, but once I heard Cole Taylor's self-titled EP I knew I wanted to write a post and share this wonderfulness with y'all! The five song EP was released on... Continue Reading →

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