My favorite part about going to concerts is hands down the whole experience, not just the music. This show I knew would be fun because I was meeting one of my Twitter friends, Jill, and seeing again two of my Twitter friends from Chase’s Brother’s show, Jessica and Chelsea. Getting to hang out with these girls all day and night definitely made this show one of the bests! 🙂

I have to give a big shoutout and thank you to Erica for coming with me even though she was super sick and not feeling well. I love youuuuu! ❤


Chris Lane and Old Dominion 

I feel so bad for these guys because I know they are amazing, but I couldn’t hear a word they were saying the whole time 😦 Regardless of me not being able to hear them they both put on amazing sets. They had the whole crowd rocking out getting us ready for Chase to come on. Since I couldn’t hear them I didn’t get any videos, but y’all should definitely check out their music on iTunes and YouTube because they really are amazing.

Chris Lane
Chris Lane
Old Dominion lead singer- Matthew Ramsey
Old Dominion lead singer- Matthew Ramsey

Chase Rice 

Thank goodness we could hear Chase!!! I know I say this EVERY time, but I really mean it- this guy gets better and better every time I see him. This was my 7th time seeing Chase and this time blew me away. I love the new stage setup. I last saw him in September right before he changed everything up & wow is all I can say. This was hands down the best show (I know, go ahead and say it “Renee you say that alllll the time”)- the lighting, the sound, and everyone in the band and Chase were on point!

“Beer with the Boys”- the song that sets every girls expectation for guys super high. ❤

“Carolina Can”- I was so happy he sang this! ‘…a tombstone with my daddy’s name..’

“Gonna Wanna Tonight”- I LOVEEEE this song. & it live >>>> (be sure to call your local radio stations & request this song!!!)

“Jack Daniels & Jesus”- one of my favorite parts every time! I love the party songs, no doubt, but this song is hands down the best. Emotional songs for the win ❤

“The Dance”- this song means the world to me and always makes me think of my daddy. Super happy I got to see Chase sing this song again ❤

“Ride”- y’all know this is my favorite… enjoy 😉

The acoustic ending of “Ride.” Unlike other shows, Chase pulled up someone he knew on stage to sing “Ride” to- a friend from college. Love it!!!

“U Turn”- this clip is my favorite part of the song  😉

Marcello chose “Friends in Low Places” by Garth Brooks as his feature song & I just love him. This part was hilarious!

“How She Rolls”- superrrr short clip but ❤

“Ready Set Roll”- holy macaroni the energy in the room!!!! & Chase’s smile during this song is my favorite ❤

So yeah as you can tell, like I said, it was an amazing show!

Also, thank you Jeremy for the set list- always a fun souvenir!


If you don’t check out Chase live you are seriously missing out 🙂

Thank you 94.9 for an amazing line up and a great night! ❤