Well if you follow me on twitter you already know how I feel about the award show last night. To me it’s nothing to write home about. These awards shows are starting to run into each other and the same people win every time- which is annoying. Nonetheless, there were some good parts to the show last night, like hello Garth Brooks back on stage and George Strait’s performance. So imma try to break down what happened last night to y’all without this just being a big ole hate post πŸ™‚

Kenny Chesney opened the show with his current single “American Kids” and it was great and I was like yay these awards are going to be amazing … not so fast. Right after his performance Miranda Lambert and Meighan Trainor sang “All About That Bass” and I was a little confused. Like this is a country award show right?! Now I’m the first one to be on board with this new movement of pop and country melding together, but this song/performance/pairing did not belong on the CMA awards stage- sorry not sorry.

During the hosts, Brad Paisley and Carrie Underwood, opening they announced that Carrie and her husband, Mike Fisher will be having a baby boy! Side note- that baby’s gonna be presh… I absolutely love when these two host they have the perfect comedic chemistry to keep the crowd laughing. Semi makes up for the not so swell show (oopsies)

The first award of the night went to Miranda Lambert (shocker) for Single of the Year for her song “Automatic.” I don’t get it but whatever.

The next artists to hit the stage were Lady Antebellum with their song “Bartender.” Now normally I am not a fan, but they did a great job last night. Way better than some of my faves… Which brings me to the next performers Florida Georgia Line. They sang their hit song “Dirt” which I love that song and I’m glad they chose that one instead of the train wreck of a song “Sundaze,” but they just sounded off. I was really excited for Brian’s part because he is rarely heard, but there was something just off with both their voices 😦 *a lot of artists were off the whole night I might add- maybe a technical problem?!*

Next up on stage was Keith Urban singing “Somewhere In My Car.” Those lyrics are fire and that’s about all I can say. The second award of the night was given to Kacey Musgraves for Song of the Year with her song “Follow Your Arrow.” WHY?! Okay, I semi like the song, but look at the other songs in that category. Have the people picking these winners never heard the passion behind “I Don’t Dance” and especially “I Hold On” like what is this madness?! I could rant for days on this one. grrrrr

The third award of the night was the New Artist of the Year award which as y’all may remember I had a tough time picking a winner cause the new artists are my fave (boo mainstream.) Anyways, my third pick, Brett Eldredge took home the award and his acceptance speech was the best of the night. I absolutely love to see new artists win awards πŸ™‚ Congrats Brett!

Next to hit the stage was Jason Aldean with his firey song, “Burnin’ It Down.” Those of you who know me know my viewpoint on this song and all and I was actually looking forward to this performance BUT he was off 😦 I have no idea what was going on with some of these artists… and that failed auto tune attempt at one point was hard to watch. The next performance wasn’t any better either. I love Little Big Town, but why Ariana Grande?! Can someone please explain this pairing to me?!?!?! Just no.

FINALLY the next performance restored my faith in awards shows, TIM MCGRAW!!! He sang his song “Shotgun Rider” and he blew me away- amazingggg. I was on such a high from this until the fourth award of the night was immediately given out. Duo of the Year was presented to Florida Georgia Line. When are Love and Theft gonna get their moment? They deserve it. The people planning the layout of these awards won me back over though with their next mini performer COLE SWINDELL. His smile was just a beaming and I was so happy for him. You can tell he truly is thankful and loves what he does. πŸ™‚

Dierks Bentley was next to take the stage with his fun song “Drunk on a Plane.” Thank goodness. He got the crowd rocking and brought the energy level up like it should be at an awards show. With every high though there’s a low and that came with the fifth award of the night for Album of the Year. Any guesses on who won? Yep, Miranda Lambert forΒ Platinum. *eye roll*Β Riser was robbed. The passion Dierks put into that album was beyond words and he definitely deserved it, but no.

I’m gonna skip a few performances and go to the one lady who is guaranteed to do amazing no matter the circumstances and that’s Carrie Underwood. She took the stage and sang her amazing song “Something in the Water.” This song is just too beautiful for words and I believe the music industry needs more hits like this. I love that Carrie Underwood is not afraid to show her beliefs and lawd knows she has the vocals to pull off a song like that.Β The sixth award of the night was for Group of the Year and Little Big Town won- yay! Finally someone I picked!

The big moment of the night came when Vince Gill was honored with the Irving Waugh award of excellence. His speech was amazing and very inspirational. I hope everyone took some notes.

ALL HAIL KING GEORGE. I just love George Strait πŸ™‚ Him and Eric Church took the stage next to sing “Cowboys Like Us” and they get all A+’s. Just amazingness. The seventh award of the night was for Male Vocalist of the Year and Blake Shelton took home the award. So shocking, right?! *eye roll* lawd can we get some unrigged awards now? Thankfully though one of my faves THOMAS RHETT came out and sang his song “Get Me Some Of That” and made me smile and forget the bad that had just happened. His energy was super amped and just like Cole you could see his passion. So can we get an award show where only new artists perform since they get the most into it?!

The eighth award of the night was for Female Vocalist of the Year and guess who won… just guess… Miranda Lambert. WHEN WILL CARRIE WIN?! I mean I even thought Taylor Swift shoulda won over Miranda… yeah. Thank goodness Sam Hunt was standing on that stage at the time or I woulda just smashed my tv from anger of this madness.

The final award of the night, the biggest one, was for entertainer of the year and GARTH BROOKS presented so yay. The winner was Luke Bryan, his first CMA ever, so yay I guess. I love Luke and he is super humble and that speech made me cry, but how can these people chose him over GEORGE STRAIT?! I mean come George Strait just did his FAREWELL tour aka he won’t be nominated for this award again aka he shoulda won. This is another rant that could go on for days, so I’ll end there.

In conclusion, the highs of the night for me where Tim McGraw, Thomas Rhett, Dierks Bentley, Cole Swindell, and George Strait’s performances and Garth Brooks being back on that stage. Everything else including the awards were just a no from me.