I could literally listen to music 24/7 and be completely satisfied. I’m going to share with y’all a few of my absolute MUST play artists/songs!

Chase Rice: I would try to narrow my song choice down to just one, but Chase’s newest album Ignite the Night is full of hits. I suggest you especially listen to “MMM Girl,” “Beer With The Boys,” “Gonna Wanna Tonight,” “50 Shades of Crazy,” “Jack Daniels & Jesus,” and “Ride”– just to name a few 😉 It’s seriously so hard to just give y’all one suggestion from his music.

SoMo: I don’t think I could say love enough to describe how much I enjoy his music…that voice… Some songs you should check out from him are “We Can Make Love,” “Ride,” and “Back to the Start.”

Sam Hunt: “Breakup in a Small Town” listen to this one and before long you’ll be shouting along to that last verse (it’s necessary.)

August Alsina: He’s one of my latest addictions. A few songs of his that I just love are “No Love” and “Make It Home.” If you are a R&B fan check him out!

The Lookout: A new group y’all should def keep an eye on are them. Their song “Honeymoon” will hopefully be a hit one day. For now it’ll just stay in “top played” section in my iTunes library until everyone catches on to them. 🙂

Emblem3: I’m obsessed with “Obsessed.” 😉 It’s not officially released yet, but it’ll be available to download on October 27th and you’re gonna wanna get it. It’s fire.

So there’s a few of my current faves & must listen to artists/songs. What are some of y’alls? I love music suggestions so be sure to let me know! 🙂