Joseph Somers-Morales aka SoMo is a R&B singer/songwriter from Texas who is heating up the music industry with his angelic voice and sultry lyrics. Weird combination, right?! But it works. Getting his start on YouTube by making cover videos of other artists songs it wasn’t long until he gained a huge following. Even though he is an established artist now he still maintains his video series called “SoMo Sunday” where he records a rendition of other artists songs or releases one of his own songs on his YouTube channel EVERY Sunday. Talk about knowing how to keep his fans happy!

I first heard about SoMo last year around October. I was just skimming through videos on YouTube like I normally do and I came across SoMo’s song “The Only One,” a song from his My Life mixtape, and I was instantly curious to hear more of his music. It was then that I officially YouTube searched his name and discovered all the music he had created- which as a music fanatic made me extremely happy. I was instantly drawn to the fact that he cared so much for his fans by still doing the same thing that made him famous even though his life was way more busier and hectic due to touring and working on his debut album.

His debut album SoMo debuted at #1 on the iTunes charts on April 8, 2014. SoMo is filled with songs of love, happiness, and heartbreak. From the happy, upbeat song “I Do It All For You” to the breakup song with empowering lyrics  “Red Lighter” to the popular love song “Ride”  it is definitely a CD anyone can enjoy because there is a song for everyone.

So naturally when I fall in love with an artists music what do I do? I look for a concert to attend. Thankfully SoMo came to my area this summer and I was able to catch the show. With this being my first non-country show I honestly didn’t know what to expect, but his performance blew me away. The fact that he sounds the same recorded as he does live was absolutely amazing.

Above is a video of him singing his hit song “Ride,”  his first Gold single, which as you can see made all the ladies go crazy 😉

Be sure to check SoMo out if he’s ever in your area! He is currently on his own headlining tour, “The Wide Awake Tour.”

Stay up to date with all things SoMo at his twitter: @OfficialSoMo ; FB: /OfficialSoMo ; website- ; instagram: @officialsomo ; YouTube: TheMrSoMo ; VEVO: SoMoVEVO ; and be sure to get his debut album SoMo on iTunes 🙂