I have chosen my first feature post to be about Cole Swindell because his past few weeks alone have been beyond amazing. He received his second number one as an artist with “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight,” celebrated at Thomas Rhett’s “Get Me Some Of That” number one party (a song Cole co-wrote,) another song he co-wrote, “Roller Coaster” by Luke Bryan, is the number one song this week, and finally tonight, October 7th, he made his Grand Ole Opry debut!!! He is also nominated for New Artist of the Year at this year’s CMA Awards! Talk about AWESOMENESS.

Last May on my birthday I was listening to The Highway and I heard “Chillin’ It” for the first time- I was instantly hooked. I immediately went and downloaded it from iTunes. At the time Cole had no other music out so the only way to listen to his stuff was on his ReverbNation page and lemme tell you I wore that page out with nonstop listening.

I was planning on attending CMA Fest in Nashville that year so I checked around because I just HAD to see Cole while I was there and thankfully I found a show to attend. IT WAS AMAZING. Even though I was in the back of the crowd at the Hard Rock stage Cole still managed to make me wanna dance and sing along. I’m looking forward to hopefully seeing him again one day soon!

Cole Swindell at CMA Fest 2013 at the Hard Rock Stage. Photo cred: Terri Fortenberry
Cole Swindell at CMA Fest 2013 at the Hard Rock Stage. Photo cred: Terri Fortenberry

As I mentioned in the first paragraph Cole made his debut at the Opry tonight and he did AMAZING. I unfortunately couldn’t attend, but I was able to listen online. Opening with his second number one “Hope You Get Lonely Tonight” you could hear him beaming as he sang the lyrics. “I made it through the first one- that was a goal of mine.” Cole jokes with the crowd as he fights away the nerves before his second song. His second song, which he tells the audience is his next single being released to radio, was “Ain’t Worth The Whiskey.” I loveeeee this song! He notes in the middle of this song that no other venue he’s played at compares to the Opry and dedicated the last verse of his song to the troops. His final song was none other than his first single and number one song as an artist “Chillin’ It.”

I love Cole’s humbleness and he deserves all the success he is receiving!

Be sure to check Cole out on Luke Bryan’s “Farm Tour” that is currently going on and his own headlining tour the “Down Home Tour” this November.

Stay connected with Cole at his website: http://www.coleswindell.com ; twitter: @coleswindell ; FB: /coleswindellmusic ; Instagram: @cswinde2 ; YouTube: /coleswindell ; also on iTunes check out his debut album Cole Swindell 

Check him out- you won’t be disappointed 🙂